Raising additional funds to fuel expansion, and other good things

It’s been a busy few months at Nearby HQ. Following launch, we heard from hundreds of people across the country (and outside the US too) asking us to bring Nearby to their town—people who want to see the small businesses in their towns and cities thrive. They’re hungry for a convenient way to shop local as a small but pragmatic form of community activism, and Nearby plans to make that possible.

And here’s how we’re going to do it: We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised our Series A round of funding from Annie Kadavy at Redpoint Ventures, with participation…

April Underwood, Founder and CEO of Nearby, on why the future of retail is just around the corner

When shelter-in-place was introduced last March, my heart immediately ached for the business owners in my town. The prior year, I’d observed local businesses close forever after a preemptive four-day power outage during fire season. I knew that a shutdown of not just days but weeks or months would present an existential threat to the businesses that make my community vibrant and unique. Those businesses relied on foot traffic to get discovered and make sales — and that foot traffic had vanished overnight.

But local business owners are resilient. They didn’t waste time. They started taking phone orders, launched online…

Here are just some of the people who have made our pilot marketplace in Oakland a roaring success.

When we launched our pilot Keep Oakland Alive, we wanted to help locals get to know the neighborhood retailers that make The Town vibrant and shop their goods in a unified storefront that made supporting your local shops as easy as well, shopping on Amazon.

What we started in The Town has since become a movement, with 40+ local shop owners leading the charge. The community has astounded us with their support and Oaklanders have shown up in a major way for small businesses — spending $100,000 on their local shops.

We’d like to introduce you to a few of…


The best independent shops in your town, all together at nearbyhq.com

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